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Streamline Your Recruiting Process and Find Ideal Financial Advisors Instantly

AdvizorPro’s comprehensive database makes financial advisor recruiting easy by giving you the power to quickly and easily identify, sort, and contact qualified candidates that match your specific placement needs.

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Boost your recruiting by engaging with the right financial advisor candidates.

AdvizorPro enables recruiting teams to generate customized lists of financial advisors, which can be used to reach a wider pool of best-in-class candidates.

Whether recruiting in-house or as a third-party, for a single opening or for multiple financial advisor jobs, our extensive database offers comprehensive candidate profile information, allowing your team to efficiently and accurately drill down to identify the financial advisors who best align with your ideal profile.

With AdvizorPro, your firm can gain access to hundreds of thousands of potential candidates within a matter of minutes, and begin scheduling meetings with promising, precisely targeted leads in just a few hours.

AdvizorPro Search & Profiles

Smarter Recruiting Leads to Better Placements

Discover New Candidates

Build comprehensive lists of highly-qualified financial advisors to enhance your outreach using precise data that is updated 24-7 from numerous sources on the internet.

Reach More Candidates

Boost your connectivity rate by utilizing verified email addresses, direct or mobile phone numbers, and trustworthy LinkedIn profiles.

Establish Deeper Relationships

Deliver messaging that is tailored to an advisors' specific situations with deep personal and company profiles.

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Get Targeted lists

Effortlessly create accurate lists by utilizing sophisticated search filters that enable you to narrow your results based on various parameters such as title, designations, areas of expertise, custodian, and much more.

Tailor your messaging

Improve your prospecting efforts by addressing the personal and professional interests of your leads, including their hobbies, alma mater, investment strategies, specialties, and other relevant aspects.

Enrich Your CRM

Increase your team's efficiency by removing the need for manual data entry. With just one click, transfer your lists to your preferred CRM and easily supplement it with practical data.

Get laser -focused lists

Easily build precise lists using advanced search filters including - role, title, investment interest, hobbies, TAMP platform & much more.

Dial-In your messaging

Enhance your prospecting by speaking to the professional and personal interests of your leads including hobbies, alma mater, investment interests, specialties, and much more.

Enrich Your CRM

Boost your team’s productivity by eliminating manual data entry. Push lists to your favorite CRM in a click and seamlessly enrich it with actionable data.

Enhance Your Advisor Engagement With AdvizorPro’s Premier Broker-Dealer & RIA Database

New Lead Notifications Sent Straight to Your Email

Ultra-Targeted Search & Lead List Compilation

Current Email, Phone, & LinkedIn Information

Accurate Contact Data

New Lead Alerts

Advisor Website Search Engine

Sourcing accurate data to recruit in the wealth industry is a significant challenge today. We’ve been helping in-house and third-party recruiters find advisors that are a perfect fit for years now and have received tons of great feedback of how efficient our database makes the sourcing process. 

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Michael Magnan

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Access all of the candidate contact info you need from a single source – including verified emails, direct phone numbers, and more. Assembling a financial advisor email list or RIA email list full of your dream prospects is more straightforward than ever.

You can rely on our data, as our proprietary algorithms crawl the web constantly to collect and verify information. This enables us to offer the most precise advisor data accessible and saves you from the frustrations and missed opportunities of outdated and unreliable databases – no matter the type of professional you’re looking for: independent financial advisors, breakaway advisors, and more.

Optimize your recruiting strategies and prospecting by connecting with the right financial professionals. Utilize our comprehensive database of financial advisors to create a tailored list of leads who fit your ideal advisor profile. Eliminate the need to search through multiple websites for contact information, and focus on meaningful connections instead.

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How it Works

The AdvizorPro repository contains comprehensive profile and contact details for every advisor affiliated with the SEC/FINRA, along with over 2 million insurance producers. Besides data obtained directly from the SEC/FINRA and regional insurance regulatory bodies, our advanced technology gathers, assimilates, and purifies data from countless web pages, offering in-depth profiles of your targeted audience for recruitment purposes. Our data distinguishes itself in the market for its precision and focused approach.


AdvizorPro provides financial planning and wealth management firms an accurate method of sourcing candidates for the recruiting and hiring process. Recruiters in the financial advisor space require certain qualifications to be met in order to ensure a candidate is a good fit. From licensing to location, former employers, years of experience and much more, AdvizorPro can help recruiters find the needle in the haystack fast for successful placements. 

Yes, recruiters can sort through advisor candidates using dozens of filters. These include high-level filters such as registration types like wirehouse, independent or dually-registered. Firm filters like AUM, custodian, tech stack and person level filters like years of experience, years with current firm and much more. Whatever client niche personality you’re looking for, there’s likely a filter that can help identify that focus.

Yes, AdvizorPro allows recruiters to match candidates to their job descriptions by viewing specific licenses, designations, titles or even search bio pages to identify advisors that mention specific keywords indicating a specific skill, focus or qualification.

Our algorithms are working 24-7 to refresh our wealth advisor database. We require a number of quality checks to be passed before we allow a piece of contact data into our database. These checkmarks are a combination of internally built and third party tools that ensure our high quality standard is met.