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Quantum Improves Marketing Efforts with Insurance Producer Database

Quantum’s business development journey saw a transformative shift upon integrating AdvizorPro, empowering their team with precise data on insurance producers and enhancing efficiency in prospecting. By leveraging AdvizorPro’s user-friendly interface and robust filtering options, Quantum significantly improved their prospect targeting, engagement with advisors, and overall business development strategies.

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What is a Breakaway Advisor?

A breakaway advisor is a financial advisor who leaves a larger firm to establish an independent practice, offering personalized services. Understanding the true meaning can help in navigating financial consultancy choices.

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The Ultimate Guide: Independent Financial Advisors

An independent financial advisor is a professional who provides unbiased financial advice to clients and doesn’t represent any specific investment firm. AdvizorPro has put together an in-depth guide with expert analysis to help you better understand this fast-growing area of the wealth advisor space.

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How one asset manager achieved a dramatic increase in advisor engagement

Blueprint Investment Partners is a boutique asset manager that creates tactical investment strategies for financial advisors. Much of their growth is driven by high quality thought leadership articles distributed through digital marketing campaigns to advisors. Their strategy relies on access to high quality contact data for the target market within the financial advisor space. We sat down with Mike Carlone, Blueprint’s National Sales Director to discuss the positive impact AdvizorPro has had on their sales and marketing efforts.

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