AdvizorPro: A Prospecting Tool Built For Ourselves We Realized Others Would Find Invaluable

After founding a complimenting product, PlanPro, in 2017, the AdvizorPro team quickly recognized the need for a robust and accurate database of financial advisor contact information. With backgrounds in technology and data science, Michael Magnan, Hesom Parhizkar, and Joseph Caprara immediately set to work building an algorithm and platform to pull this information from a wide variety of reliable sources and deposit it into an easy-to-use tool.

Utilizing the AdvizorPro database for sales and marketing, PlanPro’s growth skyrocketed as they were able to reach more targeted 401(k) advisors. In discussions with partners in similar industries, Magnan, Parhizkar, and Caprara were able to quickly see how these other companies could benefit greatly from the resource they had built. Wanting to share their secret to success, AdvizorPro was born.

Our Team

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Focused On Creating An Environment Of Success And Growth For All

AdvizorPro is built around a talented team of individuals who each bring a unique set of skills and perspectives ranging from technology to business development. With the goal of serving our clients to the highest level while having fun along the way.

AdvizorPro encourages innovation and deep relationships both internally and externally. We encourage questions like, “What if?” and “Why not?” Whether these questions are geared towards our customer success or innovation around our data and platform, our team is constantly in conversations around how we can continue to improve and deliver a better experience and product. We work collectively to help our clients reach their business goals by leveraging the power of AdvizorPro.