Hesom Parhizkar

Co-founder, CTO

Hesom, Co-founder and CTO at AdvizorPro, oversees product technology and innovation. As an accomplished executive leader, Hesom brings extensive expertise in shaping technology and IT operations for innovation and sustainable growth. His track record spans scaling startups, fostering growth in established organizations, and delivering immediate value across industries. 

Previously, Hesom was Senior Director of Product Engineering at SecurEnds managing large onshore and offshore engineering teams. At Apptega, as Vice President of Technology & Product, Hesom expanded his leadership to include customer success, sales, and strategic decisions. During his tenure at Wela as CTO, Hesom transformed the business from B2C to B2B, creating the innovative SaaS platform “Benjamin” within six months, featuring a generative-AI chat-bot, intelligent scheduling, and scalable notifications. His pivotal roles at Prima Edge and eVestment include advising businesses entering new markets, contributing to employee development, and fostering organizational growth.

Hesom has a M.S. in Information Technology from Southern Polytechnic State University and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. His leadership style, dedication to excellence, and innovative drive position him as a valuable asset for executive roles, contributing strategic vision and hands-on expertise to organizations poised for growth.