The Top 100 Independent RIAs – 2023

We’re pleased to present a list of the top 100 independent RIAs in the United States, as recognized by AdvizorPro. This list objectively evaluates independent financial advisor companies across the US, ranking them by assets managed and the number of retail clients they serve.

AdvizorPro is a leading provider of data in the RIA & broker-dealer space, working with many of the nation’s most reputable advisor firms, asset managers, and fintech firms. And with the ever-growing RIA space constantly shifting, we created this ranking of the top independent RIAs to provide clarity on who the front-runners are as defined by assets managed and clients served. Under the list, you can find more details on the methodology used to create this ranking.


RankingFirmStateTotal AUM
1Fisher InvestmentsTX$192,000,000,000
2Creative PlanningKS$131,000,000,000
3EP Wealth AdvisorsCA$17,100,000,000
4Savant Wealth ManagementIL$17,000,000,000
5Wealthspire AdvisorsNY$16,300,000,000
6FCI AdvisorsKS$12,800,000,000
7Moneta Group Investment Advisors, LLCMO$30,700,000,000
8Connectus WealthMD$6,770,000,000
9Johnson Investment Counsel, Inc.OH$16,300,000,000
10Forvis Wealth Advisors, LLCMO$7,400,000,000
11Retirement Planners Of AmericaTX$3,430,000,000
12Advance Capital Management IncMI$3,570,000,000
13Argi Investment Services, LLCKY$4,570,000,000
14The Mather Group, LLCIL$8,720,000,000
15Adviser InvestmentsMA$6,420,000,000
16Parallel Advisors, LLCCA$5,710,000,000
17Fort Pitt Capital Group, LLCPA$4,300,000,000
18Pure Financial Advisors, LLCCA$4,600,000,000
19Mainstay Capital Management, LLCMI$3,610,000,000
20Exencial Wealth AdvisorsOK$3,770,000,000
21Churchill Management GroupCA$7,150,000,000
22Soltis Investment Advisors, LLCUT$5,640,000,000
23Homrich BergGA$12,500,000,000
24Waverly Advisors, LLCAL$5,780,000,000
26R M Davis IncME$5,760,000,000
27Index Fund Advisors, Inc.CA$4,350,000,000
28Tci Wealth Advisors, Inc.AZ$3,430,000,000
29Kovitz Investment Group Partners, LLCIL$7,290,000,000
30Freestone Capital Management, LLCWA$8,220,000,000
31Modera Wealth Management, LLCNJ$6,800,000,000
33Hamilton CapitalOH$3,760,000,000
34Cx Institutional, LLCIN$2,220,000,000
35Mcf Advisors, LLCKY$2,330,000,000
36Chicago Partners Investment Group LLCIL$3,650,000,000
37Apella WealthCT$2,480,000,000
38Maseco Private Wealth$2,680,000,000
39Confluence Financial PartnersPA$2,470,000,000
41Congress Wealth Management LLCMA$5,140,000,000
42Bill Few Associates, Inc.PA$1,780,000,000
43Zhang FinancialMI$4,790,000,000
44Cain, Watters & Associates, LLCTX$2,660,000,000
45Foster Group, Inc.IA$3,080,000,000
46Aspiriant, LLCCA$13,100,000,000
47Truepoint, Inc.OH$4,210,000,000
48Brighton Jones LLCWA$9,460,000,000
49Columbia Pacific Wealth ManagementWA$6,690,000,000
50Plancorp, LLCMO$5,550,000,000
51Mckinley Carter Wealth Services, Inc.WV$1,900,000,000
52Steel Peak Wealth Management, LLCCA$1,890,000,000
53Cobblestone Capital Advisors, LLCNY$2,250,000,000
54Sym Financial AdvisorsIN$3,330,000,000
55Signaturefd, LLCGA$6,150,000,000
56Vivaldi Capital Management LpIL$3,330,000,000
57F L Putnam Investment Management Co.MA$4,300,000,000
58Valeo Financial Advisors, LLCIN$7,100,000,000
59Empirical Wealth ManagementWA$4,180,000,000
60Carlson Capital Management, LLCMN$2,990,000,000
61California Financial AdvisorsCA$1,490,000,000
62Henssler FinancialGA$2,640,000,000
63David Vaughan Investments, LLCIL$3,940,000,000
64The Retirement Planning Group, LLCKS$1,450,000,000
65Everhart AdvisorsOH$1,080,000,000
66Ellenbecker Investment GroupWI$1,250,000,000
67Polaris Wealth Advisory GroupCA$1,510,000,000
68The Welch Group, LLCAL$2,520,000,000
69Capita Financial Network, LLCUT$1,160,000,000
70Halbert HargroveCA$2,740,000,000
71Legacy Wealth Management IncTN$1,780,000,000
72Bogart Wealth, LLCVA$2,280,000,000
73Greenspring Advisors, LLCMD$6,000,000,000
74Stoker Ostler, A Part Of Bmo Financial GroupAZ$2,170,000,000
75Paul Winkler, Inc.TN$924,000,000
76Strategic Financial ServicesNY$1,660,000,000
77Bip Wealth, LLCGA$2,310,000,000
78Summitry, LLCCA$1,990,000,000
79Advocacy Wealth Management, LLCGA$1,240,000,000
80Compass Financial Group, IncSD$807,000,000
81Salem Investment Counselors IncNC$3,000,000,000
82Evergreen Capital Management LLCWA$3,860,000,000
83Heritage Financial ServicesMA$1,930,000,000
84Clearstead; Hartland & Co., LLCOH$10,200,000,000
85Adviceone Advisory Services, LLCCT$1,150,000,000
86Rather & Kittrell, Inc.TN$1,200,000,000
87Jmg Financial Group LtdIL$4,500,000,000
88Jnba Financial Advisors, LLCMN$1,300,000,000
89Charter Oak Capital ManagementNH$983,000,000
90Acropolis Investment Management, L.l.c.MO$1,740,000,000
91Corrigan Financial IncRI$932,000,000
92Bedel Financial Consulting IncIN$1,810,000,000
93Bay Colony AdvisorsMA$893,000,000
94Boston Hill Advisors, LLCMA$988,000,000
95Strategic Wealth Investment Group, LLCKY$628,000,000
96Beacon Capital Management, LLCTN$673,000,000
97First Pacific Financial, Inc.WA$1,100,000,000
98Cjm Wealth Advisers, Ltd.VA$1,110,000,000
99Financial ConceptsMS$647,000,000
100Adero Partners, LLCCA$3,380,000,000

Methodology: AdvizorPro sources its data directly from the Form ADV. Our rankings equally account for AUM and count of individual clients. Additionally, to qualify for the list, firms must have met the following criteria:

  1. Is an independent RIA
  2. Does not have employees who are registered representatives of a broker-dealer
  3. No more than 50% of amount of regulatory assets under management is attributable to pooled investment vehicles (other than investment companies)
  4. Manages assets for individual clients
  5. No more than 25% of amount of regulatory assets under management is attributable to pension and profit-sharing plans (but not the plan participants)
  6. No more than 25% of amount of regulatory assets under management is attributable to corporations or other businesses
  7. Provides financial planning services
  8. More than 500 financial planning clients

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