Quantum Improves Marketing Efforts with Insurance Producer Database

Quantum's business development journey saw a transformative shift upon integrating AdvizorPro, empowering their team with precise data on insurance producers and enhancing efficiency in prospecting. By leveraging AdvizorPro's user-friendly interface and robust filtering options, Quantum significantly improved their prospect targeting, engagement with advisors, and overall business development strategies.

In the fast-paced world of insurance marketing, The Quantum Group serves as a crucial link between carriers and advisor partners. Quantum assists its partners in marketing and navigating financial products including life insurance and fixed indexed annuities. The true breakthrough in their business development journey came when the Business Development at Quantum, discovered the power of the AdvizorPro platform in arming them with data on the right insurance producers.

Who is Quantum?

Quantum caters to a diverse range of advisor partners, from large-scale Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) to individual home office advisors. Specializing in indexed annuities, Quantum’s ideal client profile spans those managing $100 million to $500 million in Assets Under Management (AUM). Their focus rests on experienced individuals with decades in the business who write indexed annuities.

The Right Data for Quantum

Efficiency is crucial for Quantum’s business development team. They require top-notch contact information and the freshest, most reliable data to streamline their sales process effectively. The struggle with their previous data provider led to inefficient prospecting, wasting time on unqualified or stale leads.

Quantum’s Prospecting Struggles with their Past Data Provider:

The business development team’s past prospecting felt inefficient, resembling a shotgun approach. Overwhelming lists of thousands of names resulted in tedious sifting through unqualified or stale contacts. Duplicate entries and a lack of confidence in leads prompted team members to avoid their past data provider, relying on a single team member to build and distribute a master list – an inefficient prospecting model.

Struggling without a CRM Integration

The absence of seamless CRM integration with their past data provider also added frustration. Manual list uploads were time-consuming, prone to duplicates, and hindered effective data management. Quantum sought a more efficient process to eliminate needless shifting and struggle in data management.

Partnering with AdvizorPro

Embracing AdvizorPro transformed  Quantum’s prospecting process. The user-friendly interface, seamless Salesforce integration, and robust filtering options provided them with accurate, reliable data. Now armed with metrics and confident in their leads, Quantum’s business development team can make targeted calls with precision.

“The data that you guys have, and that we have at our fingertips because of your software, there’s nothing comparable.  AdvizorPro’s capabilities has permitted the team to now filter and hone in on qualified advisors with confidence, armed with qualified, robust, and top-notch data.

AdvizorPro: The Ultimate Research Tool:

AdvizorPro’s role extends beyond data provision; it serves as the ultimate research tool for Quantum. The team leverages the platform to build targeted campaigns with precision. Starting with an initial list from AdvizorPro, they narrow down advisors based on criteria such as state, insurance licensing, AUM, and years in business. This allows them to be extremely strategic in their approach. AdvizorPro’s ability to provide a comprehensive profile of a prospect, has become indispensable.

Quantum Insurance Producer Database

For example, the Quantum team values searching by firm ownership, recognizing the importance of targeting decision-makers. This key move enables them to build lists of exactly whom they’re interested in, ensuring a focused and strategic outreach approach.


“With AdvizorPro, the biggest difference is the amount of quality producer data that we are getting. It makes our sales process quicker, and the leads we’re getting are more qualified.”

Maximizing Efficiency with the AdvizorPro Data Difference

AdvizorPro’s impact goes beyond targeted campaigns. The Quantum team utilizes the platform to manage contacts not sourced from AdvizorPro initially. They put these contacts through the platform to understand their associations, work history, carriers, and AUM. This meticulous profiling allows them to avoid wasting time pursuing the wrong candidates for their products, making AdvizorPro the ultimate research tool to get the full picture.

“The data we access through AdvizorPro is getting us much closer to the mark with the right producers than with our previous provider.”

Enhanced Engagement and Time Savings: The AdvizorPro Edge

The Quantum team’s engagement with at least 200 advisors a week and 40-80 dials a day stands as a testament to the efficiency and immediate connections brought  by AdvizorPro. The platform’s time-saving features have eliminated the need to shift through extensive lists. Now, they can generate highly dialed-in lists for cold-calling, reaching out to individuals genuinely interested in doing business.

Quantum Quote - Insurance Producer Database

A Game Changer in Business Development

As Quantum’s success story demonstrates, AdvizorPro is not just a data provider – it’s a strategic partner in business development. AdvizorPro has transformed Quantum’s business development strategies, providing  confidence, precision, and efficiency. As the team continues to engage with advisors at an impressive rate, the AdvizorPro edge remains key to their success in the dynamic world of insurance marketing.

With AdvizorPro data, we’re now armed with the metrics to be more dialed in. This gets us right in front of the advisors we want to speak to.”