How to integrate RIA & broker-dealer data with HubSpot using AdvizorPro

AdvizorPro provides a simple and user-friendly integration with HubSpot, enabling its customers to effortlessly synchronize high-quality RIA, broker-dealer, and insurance agent lists with HubSpot.

AdvizorPro’s HubSpot integration makes it easy for clients to automatically sync high-quality RIA, broker-dealer, and insurance agent lists with HubSpot. For those who require a broker-dealer or RIA database for marketing or recruiting purposes in the advisor space, the ability to integrate with HubSpot is often a critical requirement. An organization’s CRM system serves as the foundation for all sales, marketing, and client service teams.

By directly integrating RIA data with your CRM, you can ensure that your entire team is utilizing the most current data available, eliminating the need for manual data loading, which can be time-consuming and frustrating. Getting started with the AdvizorPro HubSpot integration is quick and straightforward, as outlined in the simple steps below.

To see a real-world example of how an AdvizorPro client has utilized the HubSpot integration to drive growth among advisors, you can read this case study.

1. Decide on a universe of advisors to sync with HubSpot

When it comes to importing advisors into your CRM system, not all clients want every advisor in the United States included. Instead, it is often more beneficial for sales and marketing teams to help clients focus on their actual market, whether that is defined by channel (B-D, RIA, dually-registered), location, custodian, TAMP size, or any other number of filters. With AdvizorPro, clients can apply multiple filters at the same time and save lists for importing or syncing with their HubSpot CRM system, streamlining the process and maximizing efficiency.


2. Connect AdvizorPro with HubSpot

We offer in-app visual instructions to help you connect the two platforms and enable us to push data into your HubSpot instance. This process typically takes just a few minutes, but we also have integration specialists available to assist with more customized HubSpot instances. We will be there to support you throughout the entire process.

3. Map data fields between HubSpot and AdvizorPro

With our step-by-step guide and dropdown menus, you can easily map the names of data fields between the two platforms when using our HubSpot integration. You can also select the level of automation you prefer for each field, providing a personalized experience for your business needs.

4. Enjoy!

Experience the benefits of using the most up-to-date broker-dealer, RIA, and insurance producer data in your HubSpot CRM instance with AdvizorPro’s integration. Depending on your chosen settings, new contacts and updates to existing contacts will be automatically added and/or updated, ensuring your data remains fresh and accurate.