How Cboe Vest Scaled with an AdvizorPro and Salesforce Integration

When Cboe Vest made the decision to supercharge their outreach efforts to advisors, they made the decision to connect their Salesforce system with AdvizorPro's database of verified and robust financial professionals. This empowered them to identify new opportunities and scale quickly. Let’s take a closer look at how they did it.

“AdvizorPro has saved us tens of thousands of manual labor hours, and if we’re talking about AUM, using AdvizorPro has earned us hundreds-millions of dollars in assets.”

Asset manager Cboe Vest manages over $8 billion in mutual funds, ETFs, UITs, and retirement-specific assets and has reached a pivotal moment of growth. With ever-increasing AUM, product diversification into crypto funds, and their sales team doubling in size, Cboe Vest sought a consistent prospecting engine to provide the wholesaling team with access to the right data and contact information. Leveraging AdvizorPro with a Salesforce integration provided the solution, immediately injecting its sales pipeline with targeted leads, alleviating a significant amount of data work required by the team, and increasing productivity overall.

AdvizorPro’s integrated CRM system with Salesforce has enabled a way of prospecting that is more precise and time-efficient, ultimately leading to expansive growth for the company. The system previously depended on a mix of Excel spreadsheets, unreliable databases, and inefficient hours of research by junior employees. AdvizorPro allows the team to quickly pinpoint demographic data, even as specific as interest in cryptocurrency, which allowed them to launch a new bitcoin strategy using lead lists to run phone and email campaigns within targeted territories. The Salesforce integration then allowed their sales team to quickly begin and track outreach for this new strategy since they could automatically add their fresh contact information into their CRM rather than wrestling with document downloading, formatting, and uploading. Additionally, the Salesforce integration has enabled the wholesalers to act much more quickly on new leads. Prior to AdvizorPro, there was often a time lag between getting new leads into their CRM system. It now happens weekly and automatically.

AdvizorPro’s targeted search has expanded Cboe Vest’s formal relationships with advisors and finetunes the prospecting process. Cboe expanded their relationship with a large RIA aggregator by maintaining a reliable list of the firm’s advisors through data freshness. Salesforce integration also increased the company’s return on conference sponsorships. Working off basic lists provided by conference sponsors, Cboe Vest sales teams can strategize before even arriving, pulling contact information for attendees from AdvizorPro and immediately pushing it into Salesforce. All of this allowed them to connect with 350 attendees ahead of a recent event. This system allows the team to move directly into warm relationships, rather than tediously piecing together contact information from various sources and potentially missing important information.


AdvizorPro’s high-quality data increased productivity for Cboe Vest’s sales team. The company’s VP of Product Management, Chris Lee, now describes the sales team as happier and more focused overall because they are set up for success within one tool that is quick and easy to implement. All sales activities are aggregated and monitored in one place with less risk of error or oversight and lag between getting new leads and putting them into the CRM system is eliminated through automatic weekly reports. This increase in productivity is estimated to have saved the company innumerable hours of manual labor, increased asset growth by hundreds of millions, and allowed the team to focus on what’s truly important: building and maintaining real relationships with their advisors.


The team continues to leverage the AdvizorPro Salesforce integration to empower continuing growth and reach new markets. Cboe Vest offers an excellent example of how leveraging the power of a Salesforce and AdvizorPro integration can help a company scale their sales efforts efficiently and empower the business to be more productive, time-efficient, and focused.