How AdvizorPro Helped Scale Third-Party Recruiter, Endeavor Search Partners

Executive Summary

 Endeavor Search Partners is a third-party recruiting firm based out of California and founded by Michael La Salle, a seasoned recruiter with over a decade of experience. By leveraging the powerful tools and data provided by AdvizorPro, Endeavor Search Partners has experienced rapid growth, boasting an impressive pipeline of 895 recruiting opportunities and a potential revenue of millions within just two years. This study highlights the pivotal role data has played in optimizing Endeavor Search Partners’ recruitment processes and solidifying its position as a leading player in the industry.

Pre-AdvizorPro Data Partnership

 Prior to starting Endeavor Search Partners and partnering with AdvizorPro, Michael had built a career as a recruiter for a prominent independent broker-dealer. Equipped with a deep understanding of advisor needs and goals – such as whether they want to optimize their practice,  payouts, or establish equity in their practices –  he established his own recruiting firm in June of 2021, driven by the vision of providing top-notch service to advisors seeking new opportunities. Recognizing that his new company’s success would require a reliable data partner, Michael soon began a relationship with AdvizorPro.

Recruiting Process - From Lead Generation to Traditional Recruiting

Endeavor Search Partners employs a comprehensive approach to recruiting that encompasses both lead generation and traditional recruitment. The firm collaborates with a number of clients, including a large independent broker-dealer to identify potential advisor placements nationwide. This dual-purpose strategy not only aids the broker-dealer in sourcing new advisors but also enables Endeavor Search Partners to establish meaningful relationships with advisors who may not be an ideal fit for their client.

To streamline their advisor outreach, Endeavor Search Partners utilizes AdvizorPro’s database as the foundation of their recruiting. Prior to hiring a team, Michael worked solo for the first few months, making cold calls to lead lists generated with AdvizorPro’s data. He notes that at his company’s inception, “without the data I got from you, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything streamlined and targeted;  I’d have been all over the place.” 

"Without the data I got from you, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything streamlined and targeted;  I’d have been all over the place.”

Fast-forward to today, Michael and his team compile targeted lists using AdvizorPro’s platform and integrate them into Salesforce for easy access by their entire recruiting team. These lists are segmented based on a number of filters including geographical factors such as zip codes and the current affiliations of advisors. Endeavor Search Partners’ team then initiates contact via email to gauge interest, efficiently filtering the list to focus on potential leads.

On average, the team handles an impressive volume of 500 new advisor leads per day, demonstrating their commitment to proactive outreach. Once initial interest is established, the team aims to schedule in-person meetings, typically over coffee or lunch, to foster rapport and gain a deeper understanding of the advisor’s goals. Throughout the recruitment process, AdvizorPro’s accurate contact information proves invaluable, facilitating seamless communication with advisors. The team leverages additional resources such as advisors’ bio pages and LinkedIn profiles available within AdvizorPro, enabling them to personalize interactions and provide a tailored experience.

The Power of AdvizorPro Data

AdvizorPro’s comprehensive and reliable data has been a game-changer for Endeavor Search Partners. Michael and his team appreciate the structured and timely data provided by AdvizorPro. With access to accurate email addresses, phone numbers, and other essential information, Endeavor Search Partners can confidently engage with advisors, ensuring efficient and effective communication. 

“AdvizorPro gives the level of data that we need and the accuracy that we need for successful recruiting.”

Furthermore, AdvizorPro’s collaborative approach has been key in further enhancing the database to meet Endeavor Search Partners’ specific needs. By incorporating features such as “years of experience” and “years with the current broker-dealer,” AdvizorPro has demonstrated its willingness to adapt and evolve in response to industry demands. This collaborative effort has further solidified the partnership between Endeavor Search Partners and AdvizorPro.


“It’s significant what we're doing here - a lot of business, a lot of volume, and it's all using your data. It all starts with what you guys have!”

Endeavor Search Partners’ partnership with AdvizorPro has yielded exceptional results. With a staggering pipeline of 895 recruiting opportunities, an up to 10% close ratio, and millions of dollars in potential revenue, Michael and his team have firmly established themselves as one of the largest third-party recruiters for a leading independent broker-dealer. A particularly outstanding recent win to celebrate was Endeavor Search Partners’ success in moving a team amounting to 1.3 billion in AUM. These outcomes exemplify the significant impact of leveraging AdvizorPro’s data and tools in driving business growth. 


“I’ve had multiple friends come to me thinking about starting an outside recruiting firm, and I always refer them to you - AdvizorPro!”

The partnership between Endeavor Search Partners and AdvizorPro continues to help propel the firm to significant growth and success within the competitive recruiting industry. Through AdvizorPro’s reliable data, collaborative approach, and commitment to meeting Endeavor Search Partners’ unique requirements, Michael and his team have forged a reputation as industry leaders. As they continue to unlock talent potential and connect advisors with their ideal opportunities, Endeavor Search Partners endorses AdvizorPro as a trusted partner for success in the recruiting realm.  Michael attributes Endeavor Search Partners’ ability to scale quickly to his team’s hard work and good attitude, leveraging their relationships in the recruitment industry,  a little bit of  luck, and a genuine data partnership. “I’ve had multiple friends come to me thinking about starting an outside recruiting firm, and I always refer them to you – AdvizorPro!”