How AdvizorPro Became Simplify’s Catalyst for Growth and Efficiency

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial services, Simplify, an innovative ETF provider, found the perfect partner in AdvizorPro. Eric McArdle, managing director at Simplify, shares his insights on how AdvizorPro has played a transformative role in driving the company's growth and development.​

Simplify’s mission is to make investing simple, transparent, and risk-free for their clients. Their vision revolves around democratizing access to institutional-grade investment strategies at a lower cost and higher liquidity. Eric’s role is vital; he focuses on client communication, client experience, and extending Simplify’s reach to new audiences. Simplify’s primary clientele consists of Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), whom they consider the cornerstone of their business. The RIAs they serve span a diverse spectrum, from individual advisors managing small portfolios to larger teams overseeing substantial assets, often in the range of billions.

Simplify’s Vision and Challenges with the Previous Data Provider

Simplify’s journey started with a clear understanding of their target audience and the need to build sales and marketing systems that aligned with their industry expertise. They integrated a tech stack early on, aiming for consistent and scalable prospecting. However, their efforts were stalled by manual, error-prone processes that demanded constant fine-tuning and adjustments. Building excel sheets with publicly available 13f data, though promising in theory, proved cumbersome and inefficient, leaving their targeting model fragmented.

This journey towards enhancing their sales strategy was marked by a critical realization that their targeting approach was far from efficient. Eric emphasized the need for precision in their outreach efforts. They aimed to make every shot count, but their existing process left them feeling like they were stuck on a hamster wheel. 

Eric described their previous data provider as offering a “half-baked data set.” The data was out of sync with Simplify’s primary audience of RIAs. Their inability to access integrated 13f data hindered their targeting capabilities, leading to inefficient outreach. The quality of their efforts was often compromised, leaving Eric feeling stuck in a continuous loop without meaningful progress. With their previous data provider, they had inadvertently veered away from their targeting goals and drifted towards a generic and less effective outreach strategy. 

Eric’s vision was to have a sales strategy driven from the top down, ensuring a well-informed approach. However, the fragmented process in place made it challenging for the junior sales team to interpret and act on data effectively. This disconnect highlighted the pressing need for a solution that would streamline their targeting efforts and allow them to focus on what they do best – delivering value to their clients. 

"Getting from point A to point C in targeting and outreach was a fragmented challenging process until you guys came along."
Eric McArdle
Managing Director at Simplify

Finding AdvizorPro

Eric recalled a moment when he was close to giving up hope. He was at the point where he considered waiting for additional resources or even hiring a developer to create a solution. Then, AdvizorPro came into the picture. Within the first few minutes of a demo, Eric knew they had found their solution. Eric pointed out, “Nobody else has the workflow problem solved like you all do, especially for us. Having HubSpot integration is really important to us, and that proved to be just an additional reason why we value your partnership.” 

Incorporating AdvizorPro

Simplify kept the existing prospecting process which they already knew was effective with the right data, usually focusing on competitive funds and specific demographics. Now with AdvizorPro, they can incorporate keyword analysis, delving into individuals’ investment philosophies, web content, and research preferences. Eric loves “AdvizorPro’s customized queries that go beyond traditional data query – they’ve very thoughtful and that’s been a differentiator for us.” AdvizorPro has been instrumental in this regard, enabling them to search for and define these distinctive traits, further refining their target parameters for funds and product suites. 

Once Eric was set with the AdvizorPro platform and AdvizorPro was synced directly to HubSpot, this process operated automatically on a weekly basis, seamlessly integrating the required data into their CRM. It facilitates the creation of workflows, lists, and HubSpot tools, empowering Simplify to carry out precise segmentation and execute targeted marketing initiatives. 

The Impact of AdvizorPro

With AdvizorPro, Simplify’s sales team has been able to efficiently shift its focus from data handling to selling to and servicing it’s clients and prospects. Automated searches allow them to identify opportunities and adjust their strategies quickly. Eric emphasized, “The less time I have to spend thinking about this, the happier I am. I don’t ever worry about the quality of your data.”  The platform’s data quality and efficiency stood out, reducing the need for manual intervention. 

AdvizorPro has not only revolutionized Simplify’s approach to data management and sales but has also translated into significant cost savings and time savings. By adopting AdvizorPro, Simplify has eliminated the need to hire additional sales support or personnel to manage complex data processes. 

In a testament to the platform’s effectiveness, Simplify is continuously securing new leads through AdvizorPro. One such example is an individual lead that has the potential to yield up to $50 million dollars in new AUM for the firm.

Perhaps most notably, the platform has allowed Simplify’s sales team to shift their focus from being buried in data management to focusing on building relationships with advisors. This shift has translated into substantial time savings, with up to 150 hours spared each month. Gone are the days of relying on interns for weeks on end to handle data transfer into their CRM; AdvizorPro has enabled the Simplify sales team to focus on nurturing valuable client relationships.

“With AdvizorPro, we have tens of thousands of new leads - and we don’t just suck in contacts - we're very deliberate about getting only high quality leads into our CRM. So with you, we’ve had both quantity and quality.”

Simplify's Partnership with AdvizorPro

Simplify’s relationship with AdvizorPro has surpassed a vendor-client association. Eric commended AdvizorPro for its responsiveness, engagement, and willingness to listen to feedback. The platform’s reliability and security ensured negligible bounces and further strengthened Simplify’s trust in the partnership. Eric’s enthusiasm for leveraging technology at scale to enhance sales and marketing shines through, making AdvizorPro an integral part of Simplify’s journey.

"You all are our legitimate partners. Your willingness to listen and implement our feedback goes above and beyond and makes our job much easier."


AdvizorPro has proved to be the catalyst Simplify needed to achieve their goals, streamline their processes, and enhance their efficiency in serving the diverse needs of their clientele. With AdvizorPro, Simplify’s vision of simplifying the world of investments became a reality, allowing them to focus on what they do best – serving their clients and growing their business, all while staying true to their commitment of making investing simple and transparent.

"The less time I have to spend thinking about this, the happier I am. I don’t ever worry about the quality of your data."