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Accelerate Your Health Insurance Agent Recruiting With Access to Millions of Agents Nationally

Boost your recruiting and marketing by utilizing the freshest health insurance agent database, ensuring accuracy and the ability to be targeted. Gain immediate access to an extensive list of health insurance agents along with their contact information, carrier appointments, national producer number, and more, enabling you to generate lead lists and grow efficiently.

AdvizorPro empowers agencies, marketing organizations, and carriers to effectively identify and establish connections with top-tier health insurance producers, fostering seamless partnerships that align perfectly with your business objectives.

Discover health insurance agents who are an ideal match for your company

Discover health insurance agents who are an ideal match for your company, who have specialized knowledge about various insurance products and insurance policy structures, using our online service.

Contact More Agents

Covering all 50 states, our comprehensive database compiles data from national and state insurance departments to provide the most extensive collection of licensed health insurance agents available.

Identify Optimal Agents

The ability to identify a licensed insurance agent that best matches your needs is crucial. Access an array of filtering options, such as carriers, years of experience, agency name, captive/independent status, licensing information, lines of expertise, title, and more, to help you precisely target.

Fresh Contact Information

Accurate contact data is crucial for effective marketing and recruiting. Our advanced technology consistently verifies and updates our health insurance agent contact data for reliable information.


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We've been helping firms recruit and market to health insurance agents better by taking advantage of technology. Many of our clients reached out to us, annoyed with old, unreliable producer databases, and see us as a breath of fresh air. It's validating that we get loads of great feedback on how our producer database streamlines the entire recruiting process with its efficiency and effectiveness.

Michael Magnan

Founder & CEO, AdvizorPro