The Best RIA Databases in 2024

At AdvizorPro, we understand the challenges of selling and marketing into the Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) space, as well as the time-consuming efforts often required to find the best prospects. That is why we have created a list of the best RIA databases on the market. 

An RIA database is a tool that can easily pay for itself and drive the efforts of your sales and marketing teams. The right RIA database for you is the one that can best help you:

  • identify your best prospects
  • provide the quality contact data needed to reach them
  • save you from wasting time with data work

In this blog post, we highlight four RIA databases on the market today including their focus areas.

AdvizorPro is a leading provider of B2B contact and company information in the RIA ecosystem, with data on broker-dealers, insurance producers, and family offices. 

Its platform features tens of millions of data points on financial advisors and insurance producers, helping each client to better sell, market, and recruit. 

AdvizorPro has a deep focus on leveraging technology to collect and maintain deep intelligence on RIAs that is beyond the scope of any data team. We pride ourselves on having some of the most accurate and deep data in the industry.

Our platform also has native integrations with Salesforce and HubSpot that make integrating data with a CRM system a simple task. AdvizorPro serves asset managers, insurance carriers, IMO/FMOs, recruiters, and SaaS companies.

The RIA Database provides comprehensive profiles, data, software, and analytical tools. Over 600 companies depend on the data and marketing solutions provided by RIA Database to enhance asset generation and operational efficiency. 

Their user-friendly web-based software empowers sales teams to organize, search, save, and download leads. The database is refreshed by in-house teams and through event-based data collection, ensuring updates and maintenance as an integral component of the subscription service. 

For smaller companies, this is beneficial if they lack resources or simply don’t have the time to do data maintenance in-house. Their pricing tends to be very competitive.

Discovery Data is one of the largest providers of data, insights and analytics on the RIA market, including independent RIA firms and prospects in the financial planning services, investment management, and insurance sectors. 

They offer CRM integrations, cloud-based applications and data-centric marketing solutions and market insights enabling insurance companies, asset allocation, and wealth management firms to target specific opportunities and execute go-to-market strategies enhancing precision and efficiency. 

Operating under the Institutional Shareholder Services’ Market Intelligence (ISS MI) business unit, Discovery Data leverages exclusive datasets, regulatory databases, and global research to offer solutions for market analysis, competitor evaluation, product strategy, and opportunity identification across a broad spectrum of financial products.

Dakota Marketplace stands as an extensive institutional and intermediary database covering all channels. 

Created by a fundraising team, Dakota delivers a highly targeted database, which saves salespeople time. The database has over 10,000 accounts and 31,000 contacts along with insight covering public pensions, RIAs, searches, manager presentations, and more. 

Dakota Marketplace caters to institutional clients seeking updated accounts and contacts, curated by a distinctive blend of data analysts, investment experts, and cutting-edge technology.


AdvizorPro, RIA Database, Discover Data, and Dakota Marketplace are four of the best RIA Databases on the market in 2024. Each has its own unique strengths and specialties, offering a range of solutions tailored to different needs within the financial advisory sector.

Choosing the provider that’s right for you will depend on your specific needs and objectives. Whether it’s in-depth data analysis, market insights, operational efficiency, or CRM integration, each of these databases offers unique features to help you navigate the RIA landscape effectively.

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