How to Leverage AI in Email Marketing: An Overview and Three Programs You Should Consider

AI in email marketing is enhancing already powerful platforms through better data analysis, insights, and processing data from customer behavior, ultimately leading to better engagement and ROI.  Artificial Intelligence is in what can be considered a Wild West phase right now, with each industry learning to use it and finding places to implement it. How content is created, tracked, and analyzed is going to change with the introduction of AI in email marketing, with a reduced amount of human effort and an increase in performance.

AI in email marketing can identify patterns, trends, and insights that would otherwise be hidden to the human eye. Algorithms can analyze and predict when individual subscribers are most likely to engage with emails, increasing the chances of opens and clicks. It can be used to test email subject lines and reduce false spam flags, ensuring that legitimate emails reach their intended audiences. AI can also predict consumer behavior, aiding in lead scoring and identifying promising prospects. Marketers can then gain a deeper understanding of their target audience and refine their approaches based on the data driven by the computer.


A couple of weeks ago, AdvizorPro offered a list of email marketing tools that offered a competitive edge. The following three stood out the most with their AI integrations.



Powerful AI tools automate tasks and reveal valuable insights across the HubSpot customer platform. AI in email marketing can draft content, like an email blast or workflow, and enhance data analysis, which 85% of marketers and sales professionals agree enhances content quality and prospecting efforts. Popular features are the website generator, email writer, and AI content writer. With each, the user can generate outreach without much extra effort, headcount, or budget, which is especially helpful as it is built directly into a platform they are already using.


Combined with AdvizorPro’s direct integration with Hubspot, building marketing and sales email campaigns for highly-targeted financial advisors and broker-dealers can be streamlined leveraging the AI capabilities of Hubspot.



GetReponse’s OpenAI integration within their email marketing tool allows the user to generate powerful subject lines, reliably analyze customer data, and optimize customer engagement and email deliverability. The tools can help with writer’s block, summarizing longer copy, and proofreading, to name a few uses. The user can set a goal and a tone for the email, create the template, and then finalize it, cutting writing time down by an estimated 85% and reducing manual effort. The capability for A/B testing can offer insight into which words and phrases resonated with the audience, increasing the effectiveness of campaigns overall.



AWeber has integrated an email writer directly within their platform, eliminating the need to toggle between different sites while using AI to help you craft your messaging. The user is able to create, edit, and format AI-generated content directly within AWeber, even editing your writing’s tone and grammar as you go. It is able to summarize and simplify writing, finding different writing styles and allowing the user to improve their writing.



AI in email marketing will only continue to evolve and improve, further optimizing email marketing. For now, though, the tools are great places to start, offering brainstorming tools, editing or summarizing, and drafting. It can also test and track the email’s performance, increase its ability to reach its intended audience, and reduce the amount of time spent on email marketing. Artificial Intelligence is an integral part to any modern email marketing campaign, and learning to use it now has been compared to learning to use the Internet in the 90s – it’s developing at such a breakneck speed that it’s imperative companies keep pace to stay competitive.