Financial Conferences 2024 Calendar

The 2024 financial industry conference season promises many opportunities to network and learn at events all around the country. The AdvizorPro team has compiled a list of highly recommended conferences, outlined in detail below. Click on the image below to open a downloadable PDF version.

Financial Conferences 2024

January 2024

January 22-25

T3 Technology Conference

Experience the T3 Technology Conference, meticulously crafted for independent and hybrid financial advisors, featuring an exclusive Enterprise Track tailored for financial services executives. Attendees gain a unique advantage by exploring the entire advisor technology landscape in one streamlined journey. The T3 conference is a must-attend for independent advisors seeking new technology solutions within specific categories or those eager to stay abreast of the latest innovations in the industry.

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Price: $999

February 2024

February 11-14


Discover Exchange, a grand-scale event curated for advisors and enthusiasts in the ETF industry. Crafted with financial advisors in mind, Exchange goes beyond expectations with its Marketplace, delivering immersive experiences for both advisors and industry stakeholders. Dive into content meticulously designed to propel the industry forward, making Exchange a pivotal platform for growth and innovation.

Location: Miami Beach, FL

Price: $499

February 12-14

Kingdom Advisors Presents: Redeeming Money

The Kingdom Advisors conference serves as a gathering for advisors seeking to learn and connect with thousands of like-minded peers who are seamlessly integrating faith and practice into their professional lives.

Location: Orlando, FL

Price: $1045

February 19-21

NAPFA Large Firm Forum

NAPFA’s Large Firm Forum stands as an exclusive, invitation-only event tailored for shareholders and principals of sizable financial planning firms boasting $1 billion or more in AUM. Over two days, participants engage in a program featuring thought-provoking presentations by prominent speakers, immersive in-person round table discussions, and collaborative brainstorming sessions with fellow industry leaders. This forum provides a unique platform for those at the helm of large firms to navigate and tackle the distinctive challenges they face daily as they chart the course for their firms’ future success.

Location: Scottsdale, AZ

Price: TBD

March 2024

March 12-15

Orion Ascent 2024

The Ascent conference stands as Orion’s flagship advisor event, uniting financial advisors, forward-thinking fintech providers, broker-dealers, and tech-savvy enterprise firms for a dynamic three-day experience. Immerse yourself in valuable content, gain industry insights, and seize networking opportunities that define this premier event in the financial advisory space.

Location: San Diego, CA 

Price: TBD

March 24-25

SHIFT: Human First Financial Guidance

Come together with like-minded advisors at Shift to glean insights from leading voices and organizations prioritizing the human side of financial planning. Forge connections with advisors who share a passion for human-first financial guidance and acquire straightforward yet effective strategies to connect with people and build trust.

Location: Orlando, FL

Price: $299

April 2024

April 7-9

NAPA 401(k) Summit

The NAPA 401(k) Summit, organized by the National Association of Plan Advisors, is a multi-day event hosted at the Music City Center Convention Center in Nashville, USA. This summit showcases products and services in banking, insurance, finance, computer hardware, and software industries. Attendees, including financial advisors and TPAs, can benefit from educational sessions, networking opportunities, and discussion groups. The summit provides a comprehensive platform for professionals to stay abreast of industry trends, connect with peers, and engage in meaningful discussions within the 401(k) space.

Location: Nashville, TN 

Price: $900-1400

May 2024

May 6-9

FPA Retreat

The FPA Retreat serves as a convergence for seasoned financial planners seeking networking opportunities and advanced skills development. This event provides experienced advisors with a platform to engage with other veteran practitioners, fostering the exchange of fresh ideas and igniting new sparks in their professional journeys.

Location: Tuscon, AZ

Price: TBD

May 13-16

Wealth Management EDGE

Tailored for financial advisors and advisory firm leaders, RIA Edge is designed to strategically accelerate business growth. This comprehensive event offers a unique experience for attendees, providing networking opportunities and positioning them among the industry’s elite. Focused on investment products, technology tools, the RIA ecosystem, risk management, and practice efficiency, RIA Edge features high-level debates on its main stage. Attendees also gain access to Inside ETFs, WealthStack, and visionary keynote addresses, creating an immersive experience that goes beyond traditional conferences, ensuring participants stay at the forefront of industry developments.

Location: Hollywood, FL

Price: $95-195

May 14-15

Envestnet, Elevate 2024

Envestnet Elevate is a must-attend for advisors leveraging Envestnet for their wealth management processes. This conference offers invaluable insights into Envestnet’s functionality, providing a platform to deepen understanding. Attendees gain access to industry thought leaders, fostering an environment for learning and networking. Engage with fellow advisors to share experiences, address common challenges, and explore shared opportunities. Envestnet Elevate stands as a unique opportunity to enhance proficiency in utilizing Envestnet tools, stay abreast of industry trends, and build connections within a community facing similar wealth management dynamics.

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Price: TBD

May 19-21

Broadbridge 360 Advisor Summit

Welcome to the new era of the Broadridge 360 Advisor Summit, formerly the Broadridge Fi360 Solutions Conference. This rebranded event is broadening its scope to embrace the convergence of retirement and wealth. Over three days, investment professionals from diverse sectors, including advisory firms, recordkeepers, asset managers, banks, and more, will convene for insightful content and the opportunity to forge lasting connections. Attendees can also earn Continuing Education (CE) credits across various credentials, enhancing the educational value of this dynamic summit. Join the summit to be part of a comprehensive experience that transcends traditional boundaries in the financial industry.

Location: Austin, TX

Price: TBD

June 2024

June 4-6

BNY Mellon | Pershing INSITE '24

BNY Mellon Pershing’s INSITE is a practice management-focused event held annually in the summer, featuring speakers from both within and outside the industry. The conference is strategically designed to help attendees build and enhance their practices. Beyond valuable insights, INSITE offers the opportunity for attendees to earn Continuing Education (CE) credits, adding educational value to their experience. Join this annual gathering to gain actionable strategies, network with industry professionals, and contribute to the growth and development of your practice.

Location: Nashville, TN

Price: TBD

August 2024

August 11-14

LPL Focus 2024

Focus is LPL’s annual flagship conference for advisors and financial professionals from practices and institutions of all types and sizes that can benefit from dynamic days of learning, networking, and thriving at Focus 2023.

Location: San Diego, CA

Price: TBD

November 2024

November 3-5

2024 SPARK Forum

The SPARK conference is an important gathering of C-Suite and senior executives in the retirement plan market. The event is three days filled with actionable insights, inspiration, networking, and solutions to help top business leaders lead their firms into success. The conference is hosted at The Breakers championship golf course. 

Location: Palm Beach, FL

Price: $950-1350