What’s New at AdvizorPro – 4 Exciting New Data Updates On Our Platform

A summer data update for our partners on what’s new at AdvizorPro from Co-founder and CTO, Hesom Parhizkar


It’s hard to believe that we are more than halfway through 2023! We have been busy working with prospects and clients, enhancing the platform, and working on new data/modules that will help you reach more of the right advisors and insurance producers. Collaboration with you, our partners, is something we take great fulfillment in and is a core value for us.


Here are some of the highlights of what we have worked on so far this year. And we still have a few months left for more!


Expanded data team

In addition to our 24/7 contact scraping algorithms, we continue to grow our team of data analysts. This team has already grown 200% in 2023 with more growth budgeted. This will continue to drive significant improvements to the quality and coverage of our contact data in our never-ending mission to remain the industry leader.


New email validation package released

Emails remain one of our most prized data points. Our data science team has been working very hard to release new email collection and validation packages. We released a new package a couple of weeks ago which has significantly increased our coverage of validated emails. Logging in today, you should already see a notable increase in email coverage, and you will see this coverage continue to rise in the coming months as we release additional packages.


More advisor tags with increased coverage of advisor websites

Our growing data analyst team and technology has increased the accuracy and breadth of coverage of websites we crawl and index in our database. This means more advisors will appear in your searches by tech stack, TAMP, investment interests & more.


New data fields

We’ve added some new fields and filters to our platform including:

  • Firm ownership
    • Filter and view any RIA ownership percentage for contacts in our database
  • Ability to filter 13F data by Morningstar category
  • Advisor Firm update activity feed
    • See changes to significant data points for firms including AUM and personal changes


These are just a few highlights of a lot of work our data, product, and technology teams have been working on. If you’d like to hear more about the enhancements we’ve been working on or what is coming next, please reach out.




Co-Founder & CTO